We believe in the power of arts and culture in community building. Culture links communities and builds bridges across the divisions of geography, history and language.

We organize and/or promote a variety of activities to ensure that culture is accessible to English speakers of the region. We welcome ESC members (newcomers, seniors, youth, adult individuals, families) to participate in our activities so that they may have a greater sense of belonging to our community.

Community projects

We are continually developing community projects to help connect English-speaking members of all ages to their roots and to each other, so as to build a strong and more vibrant community.

Social get-togethers

We create space for our members to get together and connect socially, be it in-person or virtually. Wonderful occasions for our members to get to know each other and share some good times together. 

Cultural workshops

We work with local and regional English-speaking artists to hold cultural workshops so that our members can have access to creative activities in English.