Murdoch Laing

Murdoch Laing was a a graduate of the McGill School of Architecture, who like many others joined up to serve in the First World War.
Serving with the 24th Canadian Infantry Battalion, he died on September 18, 1916, when leading his men in the advance on Courcelette, France against the Germans.


He is buried in France.


Did you know… ?  James Neil Laing (believed to have served as Little Metis Presbyterian Church Trustee) and Florence Birks Laing donated this communion table and plaque in memory of their only son, Lieutenant Murdoch McLeod Laing.


  • <a href=”” title=”More information about this image”><img src=”/ObjView/ii216140.jpg” width=”284″ height=”385″ alt=”Photograph | Canadian soldier, copied for Mrs. James Laing in 1916 | II-216140.0″ /></a>
  • <a href=”” title=”More information about this image”><img src=”/ObjView/ii221412.jpg” width=”286″ height=”385″ alt=”Photograph | Lieut. M. Laing’s wooden cross, copied for J. Laing in 1917 | II-221412.0″ /></a>