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Culture Activities

We believe in the power of arts and culture in community building.

Culture links communities and builds bridges across the divisions of geography, history and language.

We organize and/or promote a variety of activities to ensure that culture is accessible to English speakers of the region.

Social Get-Togethers

Our Get-Togethers include films, heritage and art exhibits, as well as a variety of creative workshops such as pottery, mosaic, printing, poetry etc..

Cultural Workshops

We welcome ESC members (newcomers, seniors, youth, adult individuals, families) to participate in our activities



We also coordinate cultural community projects to build a stronger and more vibrant community.

Culture News

In this workshop, we will be doing bodywork in the form of meditation, writing techniques and learning how to declaim Kasàlà.

Join us in our innovative game nights where board game lovers and new players in our community come together using the virtual platform.

Join us for a friendly chat. Once a month we’ll be offering a special themed talk.

Upcoming creative workshop to kick off 2021! Would you like to explore acrylic painting? Explore simple techniques of acrylic painting with our instructor Monelle to realize a painting of your own in the comforts of your home.

Green tea and black tea tasting. Know where they come from and how they are prepared. In a series of two workshops, learn about various tea cultures and taste sample teas which will be sent to you.

Our December 10th virtual Tea will be the last of the year 2020!
For the occasion, we propose a special theme about Christmas traditions!

Join us and learn about Christmas traditions in Germany from our special guest, Anja Kreysch, Rimouskoise by adoption who was born and raised in Germany. Come join us for Anja’s presentation and then chat with us about the traditions of your own!   

For this occasion, two dedicated women involved with the Veterans’ contribution and celebrations, Pamela Anderson and Barb Amsden will take us back in time when World War 2 came to the Lower Saint Lawrence.


Our team at Heritage continues working collaboratively at a distance, so that we can continue to stay connected as a community. We are pleased to resume our Tea Time biweekly gatherings, on a regular schedule but at a new time.

Plunge into the discovery of Chinese culture with Ting Zhang, Director of Oriental Cultural Centre (CCO). Discover the variety of traditional and authentic teas from China, along with the culture, music, poetry, art and festivals through a series of cultural workshops online. With the objective to awaken our five senses, various cultural themes will be explored on three Wednesdays (21 Oct, 18 Nov, 2 Dec).