Desjardins Youth Work Experience Program

desjardins jt logo10 years ago, Desjardins got together with local businesses and community organizations to create the Desjardins Youth Work Experience program in order to offer students a unique opportunity to get their first summer job.

The program was created to help young people prepare to enter the job market in a positive way, giving them a chance to acquire new skills by offering them:

  • A rewarding first work experience or first stimulating experience in the job market in their community
  • An opportunity to learn basic job search techniques

The program also:

  • Focuses on informing young people about potential career paths and encouraging them to pursue their studies
  • Gives young people a sense of belonging to their region and prevents an eventual exodus
  • Promotes networking between young people and local businesses or community organizations
  • Contributes to the development of businesses and organizations by helping them hire summer students
  • Supports non-profit organizations
  • Allows young people to enjoy a rewarding experience as members of their community

There are two components to the program:

The Learning component, enabling 14 year olds to establish a first contact with the job market. Participants become volunteers in local community organizations and receive a $500 bursary when they complete an 80-hour internship throughout the summer.

The Experience component enables 15-18 year olds to acquire a first significant summer work experience (about 180 hours of work over 5-6 weeks).
This initiative offers students a work learning opportunity, and financially supports employers so that they may offer significant summer work experience to local youth.

Students and employers are invited to register with their local CJE from April to June. Desjardins Youth Work Experience is offered in participating Desjardins caisses throughout the province.

For more information see the Desjardins and youth website, or contact your local Desjardins caisse or CJE.

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