COVID-19 Information

The Government of Quebec’s priority is to take all of the actions necessary to limit the spread of the
coronavirus (COVID-19) among the Quebec population.

Everyone also has a role to play in reducing the risk of viruses spreading.

If you are worried about COVID-19, you can call toll free 1 877 644-4545.
(Services available in English).

The following links will take you to the government information on COVID-19 that is updated regularly.

Frequently asked questions answered by the Quebec Government below.

A wide range of resources are avaiable on COVID-19 from the federal governement:


Our primary aim is to facilitate access to English information about physical and mental health as well as social services available in the Lower St. Lawrence region, as well as throughout Quebec and Canada. Information as well as individual meetings by appointment are available in both Metis and Rimouski resource centres.

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