Basic Healthcare Information

The Lower St. Lawrence Health and Social Services Agency oversees all health and social services between La Pocatière and Les Méchins.

Agence de la Santé et des Services Sociaux du Bas-St-Laurent
288, Pierre-Saindon, Rimouski
Contact for English service: Catherine Turgeon-Pelchat
Phone: 418-724-5231 Ext. 6032

Some health institutions have been designated to provide services in English, but not all of these places must provide these services all of the time. If you ask for service in English, you can expect that some effort will be made to find a person who can speak enough English to help you.

If you have any questions when it comes to accessing health and social services in the Lower St. Lawrence region, please contact Heritage Lower Saint Lawrence. Some of these acronyms and descriptions may appear ‘heavy’ at times but it is essential to understand their role so as to facilitate your access to healthcare in Quebec, regardless of the language. Once again, please contact Heritage Lower Saint Lawrence if assistance is required.

Centre de santé services et sociaux (CSSS)

Health and Social Services Centers should ensure that the population of its territory has access to medical services, general and specialized health services, family medicine groups, youth protection centres, rehabilitation centres, community organizations, medical clinics.

Each of the eight RCMs in the Lower St. Lawrence has a CSSS that oversees the dispensation and coordination of all health and social services in their area by means of hospitals, CLSCs and CHLDs (Centre Hospitalier de Longue Durée – Long-Term Care Hospitals).

Centre local des services communautaires (CLSC)

Local Community Service Centres are publicly funded clinics that offer front-line health and social services in the community (medical clinics). The CLSC is the health and social service system’s entry point to a full range of more specialized services offered by other health and social institutions. Its mandate is to evaluate the client’s needs. And efforts will be made to accommodate requests for English services. If the CLSC is unable to offer counselling services (social or psychological) in English, it may obtain bilingual services through another institution or a professional in a private practice. If it is not an emergency, it is best to go to a CLSC clinic. If unsure, call Info-Santé at 811.

Centre jeunesse du Bas-St-Laurent (CPEJ)

The youth protection service is mandated to protect all persons under 18 years of age from situations which could pose serious risks to their safety and development. It also provides services to young offenders, to persons wishing to adopt, to adopted individuals who want to find their birth parents, and to those in need of foster care. There is a CPEJ service point in every RCM and the regional office is in Rimouski.

CAAP Bas-St-Laurent

Centre d’assistance et d’accompagnement aux plaintes (CAAP) The Complaint Examination System is mandated by the Quebec Minister of Health and Social Services to assist and accompany anyone filing a complaint against a public health and social services institution, and is also known as the Health and Social Services Ombudsman.

125 boul. René Lepage Est, # 311
Rimouski, QC
418-724-6501 Toll free: 1-877-767-2227