La Mitis
Total Population: 19,365
Anglophone Population: 215

La Mitis has made considerable efforts to help English-speaking residents access health and social services in English. The Centre mitissien de santé et de services communautaires (CSSS) is aware that more than half of the Anglophone population in Métis-sur-Mer is unilingual and more than 65 years of age, and is, therefore, more vulnerable. Efforts are being made to translate important documents. Many of the local front-line healthcare providers have undergone English-language training (i.e., Info-Santé nurses and staff).

For people who read French, please consult the Lower St. Lawrence Health and Social Services Agency web site. Remember also that you may contact the local CSSS personnel and they will do their best to find somebody who can assist you in English.

Good news for the La Mitis RCM. There is an “English Access Plan” for English services in the following establishments: hospital and CLSCs.