Total Population: 53,190
Anglophone Population: 485

There are more permanent English-speakers in this RCM than anywhere in the region, but because it is also the largest in terms of population, the density of the English-speaking population is very low.  Services in English are offered by Heritage Lower Saint Lawrence are developing. As for the public health system, English services are identified and offered upon request in many departments of the Rimouski Hospital, CLSC and CHSLD. Many English queries also come from English-speakers coming from Gaspésie to the hospital to consult specialists and/or for cancer treatment. Volunteers are keen and available. Please contact Heritage Lower St Lawrence should you need assistance. Our sister organizations on the Gaspe Coast (CASA, in New Carlisle, and Vision-Gaspé-Percé Now in Gaspé) are also available to help you

CASA:  www.casa-gaspe.com/casa

VISION Gaspé-Percé Now: http://visiongaspeperce.ca

CISSS Bas-St-Laurent : www.cisss-bsl.gouv.qc.ca