CISSS Bas-St-Laurent, Rimouski

Rimouski Regional Hospital (L’Hôpital régional de Rimouski)
150, avenue Rouleau, Rimouski
Phone: 418-723-7851

CLSC de Rimouski
165, rue des Gouverneurs, Rimouski
Phone: 418-724-7204

CLSC de Rimouski
Service Point St-Narcisse
7 du Pavillon, St-Narcisse
Phone: 418-735-5014

CLSC de Rimouski
Service Point St-Fabien
115 1e Rue St-Fabien
Phone: 418-869-3111

CPJ (Youth Protection)
103, Évêché Ouest, Rimouski
Phone: 418-723-1250
Emergency 24/7: 1-800-463-9009

The Rimouski Hospital is the designated service provider for Eastern Quebec and offers specialized services to individuals, with the exception of most cardiac surgeries and all neurosurgery.

To obtain English services at the Rimouski Regional Hospital, be sure to take the following steps:

  1. Ask your doctor or transfer coordinator to arrange services in English in Rimouski;
  2. When booking your appointment with Rimouski, inform the hospital employee of your need for service in English. This is very important, because in Quebec, health and social services employees cannot actively offer services in English if you don’t ask for them!
  3. Contact the Rimouski Regional Hospital Volunteer Services or the Hotellerie Omer Brazeau directly to inform them of your requirements.
  4. Keep us in the loop!  We’ll gladly support you and help you navigate!


Rimouski Hospital Volunteer Services

Gina Marmen (Volunteer Services Coordinator)
Phone: 418-724-8306

The following services can be offered by Volunteer Services at the Rimouski Hospital when arrangements are made in advance:

  1. Presence of a translator for your visits;
  2. If you are hospitalized, friendly visits by English-speaking volunteers;
  3. Assistance in accommodation for family members or person accompanying you for medical appointments.

Hôtellerie Omer Brazeau (reduced rate for cancer patients)

Marie-Ève St-Pierre – Director of Client Services
Responsible for the Hôtellerie accommodation services and the Eastern Quebec Cancer Association.
Phone: 418-724-0600, ext.2022 Free: 1-800-463-0806

Nancy Fournier – Human Relations Agent
Responsible for evaluating client’s autonomy and organizing the psycho-social support
Phone: 418-724-0600, ext.2031 Free 1-800-463-0806