Emergency Numbers and Helplines

All numbers should offer a bilingual service.

Ambulance, police and fire                   911 (emergencies)
Tips for calling 911 whenever possible

  • Know your location (address, telephone number and emergency location)
  • Have a contact person who can be reached by telephone
  • Have a person available to stand outside to direct emergency personnel

INFO-SANTÉ                                              811
Info-Santé Web page  A free, bilingual medical information hotline 24/7 serving the entire Lower St. Lawrence English

Poison Control Center                                               1-800-463-5060
Canadian Cancer Society                                          1-888-939-3333
Canadian Red Cross                                                   1-800-363-7305
CAVAC (victims of criminal acts)                           1-800-820-2282
Crisis (suicide prevention)                                       1-866-APPELLE or 1-866-277-3553
Deaf, mute, hearing disability services                  1-800-361-9596
Drug help line                                                             1-800-265-2626
Elder abuse helpline                                                    1-888-489-2287
Gambling line                                                             1-800-461-0140
Gay support line                                                         1-888-505-1010
Phone busters (victims of phone fraud)                1-888-495-8501
Hydro-Quebec (emergency, power failure)          1-800-790-2424
Kids’ Help Phone                                                       1-800-668-6868
Parents’ Help Line                                                     1-800-361-5085
Police (Sûreté du Québec)                                        310-4141 cell phone *4141
SOS spousal abuse                                                     1-800-363-9010 domesticviolence.gouv.qc.ca
Tel Jeunes                                                                   1-800-263-2266 en.teljeunes.com
Youth protection                                                       1-800-463-9009