We are dedicated to the preservation, promotion, documentation, and diffusion of historic materials, documents, and artefacts. Our archives’ collection contains deeds, registers, articles, photographs, and records relating to the communities of the Lower St. Lawrence region, with special attention paid to Métis-sur-Mer. We have been meticulously building the collection for more than a decade, building a collection not only to preserve the information contained within but also to allow the communities access to their history. Drawers of files, shelves of binders, and piles of books – ready to be shared with history enthusiasts!

A booklet and two presentations from Metis 1818-2018 provide more on some of the area’s fascinating history!

  • 200 Years in Time:  Metis 1818-2018 (Booklet)
  • Alice Peck: Writer, Weaver, Founder of the Canadian Handicrafts Guild and Metisian (Presentation)
  • Two Hundred Years in Time: Metis 1818-2018 (Presentation)