We are privileged to help preserve the culture and the heritage of the region’s English-speaking community. We house an extensive collection of historical materials, including photos, articles, and books which are freely available for consultation and research, whether you’re a historian or simply interested in local history.

TRAILS, tales & Family ties

The trails allow visitors to discover the history, heritage, architecture, and culture of this area. Each trail provides an interesting perspective with photos, voices and tales of the people who made and make its history of Metis.


From November 5th to 11th -“Veterans’ Week”- Heritage Lower St. Lawrence endeavors to promote bilingual week-long activities, with an exhibit, and a Remembrance Day service involving community, schools, Legions and Veterans in our region to honour those who served Canada, past and present.


Throughout the year, Heritage Lower Saint Lawrence hosts special ceremonial events, activities, and exhibitions that bring people together.  This helps foster a feeling of community pride and also provides social opportunity beyond everyday experiences.

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