24/7 Help: Info-Social and Info-Santé

Info-Social, the social and counselling telephone service offered by Info-Santé, is now available in the Lower Saint Lawrence 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Info-Social can help you with problems such as stress, anxiety, depression, grief, violence, heart-break, drugs and alcohol, relationship issues, parent/child relationships, sexuality, etc. The line also offers specialist help for caregivers including a reference service and support.

In less than 4 minutes and without leaving your home, you will be connected to a social worker who listen to you and help you access any other services you might need. Simply dial 811 and select option 2 for Info-Social. For English service, dial 9 as soon as the system picks up.

Both Info-Social and Info-Santé are offered in English and French. The service is free and confidential. Everyone living in Quebec can call Info-Santé for themselves, their close family, or anyone they are close to.

Info Social 811-2
Info Santé 811

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[…] The Info-Social service offered as part of Info-Santé offers free and confidential support for caregivers by telephone. This service is available 24/7 by dially 811-2. More details here. […]

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