Is a non-profit organization that has played a leading role in improving access to justice since it was founded in 2000. Its core mission is to explain to Quebecers the law, their rights, and their responsibilities. The organisation’s  three main areas of focus are legal information, legal education, and the development of an expertise in clear legal communication.

Heritage Lower Saint Lawrence partners with Éducaloi to help youth and teachers access free legal information and workshops specifically designed for their needs. An updated collection of Éducaloi pamphlets and guides can be found at our two resource centres and are available for our educational partners upon request.

If you need help finding legal information or services in English, or to arrange for Éducaloi workshops or training sessions, please feel free to contact us at


Teenagers have rights and responsibilities that they may not be aware of. Legal information on subjects of interest for teenagers such as bullying, health and sexuality and their rights can be explored on the Éducaloi website.


Information about activities and workshops available to teachers can be found on the Éducaloi website for educators. Click below to access.


Consult Educaloi’s articles to learn more about the law, your rights and your responsibilities and much more.