“Live Our Heritage”, following on the “Village Memories” – Métis-sur-Mer’s East and West Trails, is a new four-part Heritage Lower Saint Lawrence project and we’d like your help.  Whenever and however your family arrived in the area, and whatever your background and skills are, here’s how you, your friends, family, school, church or other organization can get involved in this one-and-a-half-year project so the project successfully reaches its destination – fun ways to keep in touch with our past histories (and herstories), as well as what we love about this area.  Here are the four parts – please join one, two, three or all!


New and Expanded Trails – “Travel through history”:  Pam Andersson, HLSL History Coordinator, is heading work, with Barb Amsden, on three new trails – Leggat’s Point, Lighthouse Point, and Station Road/the Rangs – as well as expanding points of interest on the existing East and West TrailsTo work on “Travel through history”, please email Pam Andersson at pandersson@ or call 418-936-3239 ext 221 with:

  • Your favourite local points of natural or historic interest that should be on the Trails
  • Who you think should be interviewed to provide recollections and anecdotes
  • If you want to volunteer for the subcommittee helping develop the new trails and related material to provide ideas, design, writing, or other help.

Mosaic Seats – “Piecing our past and present together”:  Lisan Chng, HLSL Cultural Coordinator, is organizing a committee to find images for and identify the locations of mosaic seats, as well as workshops for, and the creation of, these seats.  To participate in “Piecing our past and present together”, please email or call Lisan (; 418 936-3239 ext. 232) to:

  • Volunteer for the committee to help guide the project
  • Suggest ideas for or design images for bench surfaces 
  • Participate in mosaic workshops and create the seats.

Quilts – “Quilting our heritage together”:  Lisan Chng, HLSL Cultural Coordinator, will be working with Diane Dubois and quilt artists to create, with community assistance, two beautiful quilts and we hope to reach out to other textile artists.  To participate in “Quilting our heritage together”, please email Lisan at or call 418-936-3239 ext. 232 to:

  • Provide or suggest photographs of historical interest that will be transferred to material for one quilt
  • Identify iconic images of our area that could be recreated by our local crafters using embroidery, crocheting, weaving or other methods
  • Volunteer to help organize the project, create a square  or help assemble one of the quilts.

Photographs  – “Now and then” :  HLSL Board member Micheline Williams will be leading a group of avid photographers on several photographic initiatives.  To get in touch with Micheline, please email or call XXX and say if you are interested in:

  • Joining the organizing committee, which will solicit old and new images 
  • Developing photography workshops 
  • Organizing the photography competition
  • Helping create an exhibition of all entries and winning photos.


All aboard – let’s hit the road!