Living Smoke-Free! – A message from Health Canada

Quit smoking!

You wish to break free for good? Great idea, because quitters immediately begin to reduce the risks of developing heart diseases, cancer and breathing problems.

If you are worried about obstacles and difficulties you may find on your journey, know that many resources are available to support you:

  • Call the 1-866-527-7383 toll-free number. Trained professionals can help you develop a personalized quit plan, answer your questions about quitting and refer you to programs and services in your community. It is free and confidential. Road to quitting smoking
  • Consult On the Road to Quitting, a guide to becoming a non-smoker. How to deal with withdrawal or temptations? Health Canada suggests an approach that will help you prepare and take action to successfully stop smoking.

You will find the guide on Health Canada’s Website at:

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