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Jeunesse Maritime du Saint-Laurent (JMSL) is a not-for-profit organization created in 2004 to raise awareness leading to an enduring interest among young people about maritime issues from a historic and natural perspective.  JMSL maintains a marine documentation centre and helps co-ordinate participation in various activities, including Metis shoreline cleaning and helping plant hundreds of edible plants (Leymus arenarius/elyme des sables/Lyme grass/) in the Mitis River Bay.  It also is preparing exhibitions at Parc régional de la rivière MitisFollow JMSL on Facebook to keep up to date on things to do, information, photos, and how to get involved.

Listen to Pierre Dufort and Huguette Boutin describe how this project got under way (links to come)

Note:  While the 10 panels are accessible at any time, a number of the seven exhibitions may no longer be; please call the numbers shown before planning your trip.

Métis-sur-Mer area

Several of the stops along the Route are in and near the Métis-sur-Mer area and so can be found along the Live Our Heritage and related Trails.  They are, from west to east:

  • Mouth of the Mitis River
    • Les Jardins de Métis/Reford Gardens (au belvédère ouest/west lookout)
    • 200, Route 132, Grand-Métis
  • The Metis Lighthouse
    • Belvédère (face au rocher)/Lookout (opposite Boule Rock)
    • Near 266/268, rue Beach, Métis-sur-Mer
  • Torpedoing of the S.S. Carolus and Battle of the Saint Lawrence
    • Halte Verte & Bleue (face à l’église/across from the Church)
    • Opposite 140, rue Principale, Métis-sur-Mer
  • Life Around the Wharf
    • Parc de l’église (face à l’église/across from the Church)
    • 90, rue de la Mer, Baie-des-Sables

The other panels are located to the west and east.

West of Metis Region

  • The Soldiers of the Coast
    • Les Fusiliers du St-Laurent (QG)
    • 77, 2e Rue Ouest, Rimouski
  • An Airbase and a Training School
    • Aéroport de Mont-Joli (dans l’aérogare / in the Terminal)
    • 875, boul Jacques-Cartier, Mont-Joli
  • An Aerodrome and a Town
    • Historical Railway Station
    • Tourist rest area, Mont-Joli
  • Fighter Planes and Pilots
    • Édifice Poste Canada / Post Office
    • 1496, boul. Jacques-Cartier, Mont-Joli

East of Metis Region

  • War Measures
    • Église de Les Boules Church
    • 140, rue Principale, Métis-sur-Mer

Note:  The panels below follow the west-to-east order as seen in the map above.