Métis 1818-2018 : 200 Years in Time / 200 ans d’histoire

One part of the yearlong Métis 200 celebrations was the publication of the bilingual Métis 1818-2018: 200 Years in Time / 200 ans d’histoire, complete with photos and pictures from a bygone era to the present day.  Click here to enjoy this 20-page booklet.

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Metis 200 Celebrations

Since January 2018, Métis-sur-Mer has been celebrating 200 years of «community», a unique bilingual story that begins with the first settlers of the «Seigneurie de Métis», and with the first nations people who gave it its name. Every month, signature activities are organized and local history shared.

Heritage Lower Saint Lawrence is proud to be part of this unique project, one that highlights our strengths as a community. Indeed, every local organization and committee is involved in this program: more than 250 volunteers, community partners from Metis and neighboring municipalities, and our municipal councilors. They have combined their creativity, expertise and efforts to bring you a diversified program designed to celebrate Metis, its traditions, its history, its people… So sit back, and let us invite you to discover our beautiful community.

Summer marks a high time in our yearlong festivities. From May to December, Metis will show its colors through over 70 activities featuring local and not-so-local talent. There will be family activities, concerts, traditional Metis events with a twist, exhibitions, talks, storytelling, films, sports, theatre… and so much more! You will find there is a little something for every-one…

If you are a metissian we invite you to take part, volunteer, or take time to revisit your “story”. If you are passing through, why not join in, stay an extra night in one of our many accommodations, or sit down for a meal or a drink at one of our many establishments, and let yourself fall in love with this place, as we all have…
We thank the Ville de Métis-sur-Mer and the Government of Canada for their financial contributions, making these celebrations possible.


Here is a link to our official program: Metis 200 Activities

Happy celebrations everyone!

Metis 200 Program

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Public consultation on plain tobacco packaging

Have your say in what plain tobacco packaging will look like.

Health Canada launches a public consultation on plain tobacco packaging.

You are invited to comment on the measures being considered to standardize tobacco packages and products which includes their look, size and shape.
To participate, click here.


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AMI-Quebec’s Programs in June


Annual General Meeting
Plan to attend our Annual General Meeting on June 7th.
Don’t miss the slide show of our new building!

IMPORTANT: Parking is difficult around the JGH, so leave yourself enough time to arrive for the 7pm start. You can park FREE in the outdoor employee parking, just say you are coming for AMI-Quebec’s AGM. The entrance is from Lavoie; park as close as you can to Legaré and you should be able to enter the Institute’s Auditorium from the back door.
For details click HERE.



Support Groups

Our support groups are open both to people who have a loved one with mental illness and to people living with mental illness themselves. Our support groups will run all summer.
Click HERE for the schedule and details.



Learn now!

Did you miss any of our teleworkshops or webinars? You can listen to recordings! Learn about depression, BPD, hoarding, coping with stress, medications, financial planning, and much more.
Click HERE to explore.


If you have any questions, please give us a call at 514-486-1448
(1-877-303-0264 outside the Montreal area) or visit http://www.amiquebec.org.

We have many other programs, and most are available across Quebec.
Click HERE for details. Thank you for your participation!

http://www.amiquebec.org     514-486-1448 (1-877-303-0264 outside Montreal)

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Talk about the law with students – Educaloi for May 2016

The Educaloi Newsletter is available online for information about:

Cellphone contracts, Quebec’s Civil Code and summer jobs

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FREE Bilingual Parent-Child Massage Workshops



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Samuel Côté – the Battle of the St-Lawrence

This Saturday, Heritage is hosting a talk on the Battle of the St-Lawrence, with Samuel Côté, a well-recognized television host/diver/historian who has a show on shipwrecks on the Historia channel.

The talk is in French, but it should be fun and interesting!  We’ll have a snack service on hand with beverages and food (healthy and less healthy).

Attendance is free!  For teens and adults!



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Buying second-hand products on Internet or checking out yard sales and flea markets?

Buying second-hand products on Internet or checking out yard sales and flea markets?

Be aware of potential risks and ask questions to make sure your perfect find is safe to use.

You should avoid items that are:

  • banned
  • damaged
  • missing labelling or instructions

Some second-hand products may seem harmless but they can be potentially dangerous. Be extra cautious about buying the following items:

For more information:

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Healthy Lawn without White Grubs


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Cummings Centre: Virtual Learning SPRING 2016 PROGRAM





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