Subscription to Réseau BIBLIO remote services

To all municipality residents affiliated to Réseau BIBLIO du Bas-Saint-Laurent who have not yet subscribed to their municipal library, it is now possible to do so online to benefit from different remote services.

The subscription will allow you to:

∙ Borrow digital books

∙ Access the electronic version of Protégez-vous magazine

∙ Use Mes Aïeux genealogical tools


To access remote services, please send a request by email to and include the following information:

∙ First name, last name

∙ Valid address in a municipality affiliated to Réseau BIBLIO du Bas-Saint-Laurent

∙ Telephone number

∙ Email address (An email will be sent to you with your subscription number and corresponding PIN. Children must use a parent’s email address.)

** If you are already subscribed to your municipal library, you do not have to do so online. However, you may send an email to in order to obtain your subscription number and PIN.

Further information can be found on the Réseau BIBLIO du Bas-Saint-Laurent website: