Village Memories: Walk Our Heritage


We invite you to step into our past and explore Métis-sur-Mer as you have never seen it before. We have created a walking tour with two trails, exploring East and West Metis*. Key community milestones are represented by the voices of community members and the stories are brought to life by those who lived the experience or by their direct descendants.

The walking tour takes you from breathtaking views of the St-Lawrence, to beautiful historical buildings, to tales of what it was like to live here 50 or 100 years ago. Step into our past and discover what our history can bring to you!

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*Is it Metis, Metis Beach or Métis-sur-Mer?

Over the years, this area has been known by a number of different names, in both French and English, to the extent that different generations of the same family, although born in the same building, do not have the same “place of birth” listed on their birth certificates. To simplify things, we have therefore taken our lead from those who live here, and simply refer to the town as “Metis”.

As well as the virtual tour on the following pages, we invite you to walk the tour yourself.

To access the guide you can download the tour app for Android or Apple devices by searching forin Google play and the AppStore.

This App contains a map, an itinerary with optional GPS tracking, as well as audio tracks and pictures. We recommend that you preload the application on your device. This way you can do the tour without needing an Internet connection. You are welcome to use the free WIFI we offer during business hours at the Heritage Cultural Resource Centre (130 Principale) to download the App.

No smartphone/tablet? No problem!
Please visit the Heritage Cultural Resource Centre at 130 Principale, during business hours, to borrow MP3 players and headphones. This is also where you can you can freely borrow or buy a complementary paper guide to the trails.

Groups can borrow a tablet and portable wireless speaker for free. It is preferable to call ahead to reserve the equipment for a group.

Reduced Mobility Option
If you would prefer not to walk the trails, you can take the virtual tour on paper at the Centre where we will lend you the equipment and paper materials for a complete a virtual tour, including additional pictures.

Want to know more?
Our Cultural Resource Centre archives are also open to the public all year round, if you need more information on a particular subject. We are there to help!

Our Wish
We hope that this project will open our archives up to a wider audience, and celebrate the unique heritage of the Métis-sur-Mer bilingual community.

Our Thanks
HLSL thanks the dozens of community members who participated in this project and who generously opened their doors and memories for all to hear. We are grateful to you.

Photo credits: Heritage Lower Saint Lawrence, McCord Museum
Produced by: Heritage Lower Saint Lawrence
Produced with financial support from Canadian Heritage

A booklet and two presentations from Metis 1818-2018 provide more on some of the area’s fascinating history!

  • 200 Years in Time:  Metis 1818-2018 (Booklet)
  • Alice Peck: Writer, Weaver, Founder of the Canadian Handicrafts Guild and Metisian (Presentation)
  • Two Hundred Years in Time: Metis 1818-2018 (Presentation)

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