Village Memories: Walk Our Heritage

In 2014 we began to put into motion a project to capture the voices of the community: their personal histories told in their own words, portraying the soul of the community as much as the development of Métis-sur-Mer from an isolated settlement, to a summer resort, to the vibrant village that exists today.

Much of the early Metis history has been destroyed. Buildings have either burnt or have fallen so far into disrepair that they have been torn down; new buildings stand in their place. In many cases, it is the land that holds the ties to the families. It is in these places we share the personal histories that depict life in this unique community.

Walk Our Heritage —- Audio Tour


Step into our past and discover what our history can bring to you! Here are a few ways to take the tour:

  1. Download the Balado Discovery application for free on your smartphone or tablet, (in Google Play or the AppStore). Once downloaded, search the app for Métis-sur-Mer or click on the compass. The application contains everything you need for the tour: photos, audio, and a GPS-tracked map. We recommend that you preload it on your device: this way, you can do the tour without needing an Internet connection.
  2. Go to the Heritage Cultural Resource Centre at 130 Principale, during business hours to borrow MP3 players, headphones, or a tablet for free. A complimentary bilingual paper guide to the trails is available for purchase.
  3. The Walk our Heritage Tour is also available on our website.


Our Thanks
HLSL thanks the dozens of community members who participated in this project and who generously opened their doors and memories for all to hear. We are grateful to you.

Photo credits: Heritage Lower Saint Lawrence, McCord Museum
Produced by: Heritage Lower Saint Lawrence
Produced with financial support from Canadian Heritage

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