About measles

In recent weeks, there has been much talk of measles in the media and on social media. Here is some information from the Public Health Agency of Canada on the subject.
What is measles?

Measles is a very contagious disease, characterized by a red blotchy rash, and can be very serious, commonly causing diarrhea and pneumonia, and in rarer cases encephalitis and death.

Measles is relatively rare in Canada thanks to high immunization rates across the country. However, Canada will continue to see measles cases related to travel to countries where measles is endemic or there are large outbreaks.

How to treat measles?

There is no specific treatment for measles. Symptoms are usually treated with medication to reduce fever and fluids. Most people fully recover.

How to avoid getting measles?

The best protection against measles is vaccination with two doses of measles-containing vaccine.

If you think you have measles, you should see a health care provider. Describe your symptoms over the phone before your appointment, so that they can arrange to see you without exposing others to measles.

To find out more, consult the notice of the Public Health Agency of Canada at:

Advice specially designed for travelers are also available at the following page:

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