Play Groups (1)

17 Jun: Play Group

Calling all families and caregivers with young children to join us for an hour of playtime at the park! We also welcome aunties, uncles, or friends who want to come out to connect and have fun!

Free health videoconference (2)

27 Apr: CHEP: Hearing Issues in Seniors

As we get older, our auditory system as well as our balance system changes like every other sensory modality. What are these typical changes, when do we expect them to happen and are there some ways that we can slow their progression or even, maybe, prevent further deterioration?

Free health videoconference (1)

01 Mar: CHEP: Diabetes 101

You must register for this videoconference before March 15th, 5 p.m. by sending Marie-Claude Giroux an email. She will send you the link to register online.

Gross motor skills (2)

22 Feb: Gross Motor Skills in Early Childhood

Join us on March 27th for an information session on the development of gross motor skills in early childhood! We’ll talk about developmental milestones, common concerns, potential red flags, how and when to seek support, and how you can help develop your child’s gross motor skills.

Free health videoconference

11 Jan: Decluttering for your Health

This presentation will cover what you need to know about chronic disorganization, downsizing, and hoarding. The speaker will share definitions and misconceptions and real-life stories to show approaches and processes that lead to successful results.