Gross motor skills (2)

Join us on March 27th for an information session on the development of gross motor skills in early childhood! We’ll talk about developmental milestones, common concerns, potential red flags, how and when to seek support, and how you can help develop your child’s gross motor skills.


Free, virtual information session
Sunday, March 27th, 2022 at 14:00


Invited speaker: 

Sabrina Castonguay
Physical Therapist at the CISSS Bas-Saint-Laurent
MPT University of Sherbrooke


Would you like to better understand …

…the typical progression of gross motor skill development in children?

…which developmental milestones they should be reaching, and when?


In this interactive session, we’ll discuss:
  • what you can expect, potential red flags, and how and when to seek support
  • how you can help develop your child’s gross motor skills
  • common concerns such as in-toeing, toe walking and leg alignment
  • the role of a physical therapist and the support available in our region

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