community consultation new RRC
Community Consultation a Success!
On February 2, we got a step closer to achieving the goal of creating a new Rimouski Resource Centre: a community consultation, led by architect Marie-Helene Nollet, saw over 60 people participating in voicing their suggestions and considerations for our potential new centre.
The atmosphere was brimming with ideas and a palpable community spirit was felt. Local photographer and Heritage board member Joan Sullivan captured the working groups investing their time for the good of the community and its future generations.
While this event doesn’t lead directly to a brand new resource centre, it does take Heritage a crucial step further in the process.
Our architect is currently working on a feasibility study which will be submitted to Canadian Heritage as part of our application for funding. We’re optimistic that we’ll achieve a positive outcome down the road! Best of all, the community consultation was a wonderful group brainstorming session which produced ideas which can be used regardless of the funding decision.