Community Profile- Rachel Mc Crum (1)

Sometimes hidden gems rest hidden for quite some time before being discovered by the rest of the community. This is the case of Thomas Thorn, a long-time Rimouski citizen (for 32 years), originally from Belleville, Ontario, who has only discovered HLSL last year (2023). Since then, Thomas has been an assiduous community member in our Rimouski Resource Center and has become a valuable volunteer, hosting art events that are a hit with children and grown-ups.

Thomas lives with his partner Nancy Thibault, he is 66 years old, and he is now retired from being an Electro Mechanic Technician at Burman Fellows Group (BFG). He almost became a biologist but then life took him in a different path. He has two daughters, Émilie and Arianne, and he is a proud grandfather to Mia (12 yo) and Zachary (10 yo).

Thomas has many hobbies, most related to different art forms (painting, sculpting and music) and he shares these passions with the rest of the community. Most recently, Thomas has been a part of our new impromptu “Teatime” in person, being a lively speaker, bringing samples of his art projects and helping new francophone members to improve their English. This month (January) he will be hosting another workshop in our Resource Center.

Thomas, did you know about poutine before you arrived?

I arrived in Quebec in January of 1991.  Poutine was just starting to be a popular snack food during the 1990’s. In Ontario a similar snack dish is available called ”Coney Fries”. This was simply a meaty spaghetti sauce on French Fries. Also, very good! However, the best Poutine is made with when the French Fries are well cooked. Under cooked French Fries results in a soggy side dish !

What is your favorite place in Lower St Lawrence, and why?

My favorite place in the Lower St-Lawrence is the Park Forillon in Gaspe Bay. If you visit this Park, it will leave you speechless !  The awesome beauty is mesmerizing. A must place to visit on your Bucket List!


You recently retired. What was your job before?

Retired 10, November 2023

Since I have worked in Quebec, my employment has always been an Electronic Service Technician & Support Specialist

for the many machines I learned to repair.  Example : (Photocopy Machines, Fax Machines, Printers, Computers, Scanners, 

Mig Welding Machines, Spot Welding Machines, Servers, Monitors, Radios & most electronic devices)

Your favorite pastime(s)?

Art and music (piano) are my major pastimes that occupy most of my days since I have retired.

Other hobbies are wood working, stamp collecting, building electronic gadgets, walking and of course helping Nancy.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

My happiness is being with Nancy, exploring different forms of art and learning to play the piano.

Recently with the help of Joana I am very happy to have the opportunity to teach art.  This has inspired me to be more creative.

Now that I have retired, I am a much happier person.  A very heavy weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

I can now do many things that were extremely difficult to achieve !  

What is your greatest achievement?

My greatest achievement was learning to speak French and raising two beautiful daughters.

I am very proud of my daughters Émilie and Arianne.  They are both professionals in our society today.

What is your motto?

My motto is ”Work Hard and Aim for the Stars”   Also (Happy Wife, Happy Life) 

Biggest regret?

My biggest regret was injuring my back working for a former employer.