Public Consultation on Healthcare Innovation – a message from Health Canada

Public Consultation on Healthcare Innovation

The Advisory Panel on Healthcare Innovation launched a Canada-wide consultation on healthcare, with the goal of engaging healthcare leaders, experts and the public in the conversation.

The consultation includes an online questionnaire to seek the views of Canadians, as well as a request for written submissions from stakeholders and experts.

The Panel has been specifically asked to recommend five ways the federal government could better support innovation that improves care for patients and strengthens the healthcare system, without raising the overall cost to taxpayers, and while respecting jurisdictional roles.

How to Get Involved?

Organizations and individuals involved in healthcare system innovation, such as researchers, policy makers, entrepreneurs, charities, professional associations or healthcare providers can find information on the stakeholder consultation at  

To participate in the public consultation, please visit:

This consultation will end on Friday, November 14th.

For more details, please see the News Release.

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