Recall of the “Galenic Health Ginger in Bentonite” health product

Recall of the “Galenic Health Ginger in Bentonite” health product

Health Canada wishes to inform the public about a recall involving the Galenic Health Ginger in Bentonite (NPN 80053535) health product. The product currently contains levels of lead beyond permitted limits for children, but within acceptable limits for adult dosing. Ingestion of lead by children in the amount found in this product may result in impaired neurological function over prolonged periods of time. Ginger in Bentonite is used to relieve digestive upset and disturbances.

Alliance Principle Ingredients / Neutrical Solutions Inc., who proceeded with the recall in consultation with Health Canada, has informed the Department that it will change the labelling of the product to remove the indication for children.

Consumers are advised to speak to their healthcare practitioner if their child has used this product and they have concerns about their child’s health.

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