Spotlight on local entrepreneurs! Pierre-Olivier Ferry

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Meet the Village Cook, Pierre-Olivier Ferry
Interview and article by Sonia Castillo for the CLd Metis-sur-Mer

Ordering a delicious Thai, Indian, Mexican or traditional meal is no long­er just a dream in Metis-sur-Mer. It’s a reality that all of us can enjoy since the Atelier culinaire Pierre-Olivier Ferry started a Village Cook project. Based in the heart of the village since last year, the shop intro­duces us to local flavours and products, showcasing several plants whose nutritional properties we had forgotten. It is through delicious gelatos that our village cook, who settled in the area in 2004 and built the Reford Gardens’ gastronomic reputation, introduces us to these un­usual ingredients that generously adorn our landscape, hoping to inspire us to cook with them and integrate them into our diet.

The business, born from a plan for food self-sufficiency, is also committed to supporting local suppliers who, over time, have developed close ties with Pierre-Olivier. He also offers consultant services to help, for instance, local producers and restaurant owners market themselves, find their own identity, optimize their management process or introduce regional products into their menu.

Even though major urban centres are full of equally interesting offers, Pierre-Olivier chose to set up his shop in Metis. This decision is in line with his values and allows him to be close to the products he wants to work with while providing his family with an excellent quality of life. He loves the quiet winter period as much as the active summer time, one letting us appreciate the other.

Setting up a business like his in a village like ours goes against all statistics. The challenge was huge! But the com­bination of his experience, vision and determination with the ties forged in our community could only bring about positive results.

The village cook project has taken a different turn since mid-March, when his consultant services, the core element of the company, had to be put on hold until restaurant owners resume their activities. At first, this was quite a shock; questions had to be answered, game plans had to be adapted and remodeled, and the website had to be reworked. This project entails a lot of logistics. It’s no small feat to cook from 50 to 70 meals, twice a week, in a facility designed to produce home-made gelatos and bread. Not to mention all the additional sanitary measures required in this pandemic situation. But the customer response, the encouragement and all the support he received proved the statistics wrong.

Visit to find out about the great dishes our cook prepares every week. You will also find an irresistible selection of home-made bread and many other regional products that will perfectly complement all your meals.

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