national volunteers week

Handmade decorations donated to Heritage

In honour of Canada’s national volunteer week, April 14-20, we’d like to report on a touching donation from a dedicated volunteer, Gaby Turriff.

Micheline Williams, our Senior Wellness Coordinator in Metis says “Last year I had the privilege of presenting a thank you card and gift to sisters Gaby and Ruby Turriff who were longtime Heritage volunteers, especially with the Senior Friendship lunches. They helped with set-up, decorating, calling for reservations, collecting payment at the door and serving the meals.  Many times, the Town Hall featured lovely themed crafts made by Gaby for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and the other major holidays. I had a lot of fun volunteering and working with them.

Sadly, since that time we lost Gaby.”

“In March, I contacted Ruby to borrow their St Patrick’s day decorations, carrying on the tradition of handmade decorations for the event. Ruby not only said yes, but donated them for future use at the Town Hall. We will now have a lovely reminder of the amazing contribution of these two sisters for years to come. A special thank you goes out to Ruby Turriff for the generous donation that touched my heart.”

Dedicated volunteers being presented with a thank you card last year.
Left to right: Gaby Turriff, Micheline Williams, Ruby Turriff.

Just one of the many decorations donated.