Live Our Heritage New Trails

Heritage Lower St. Lawrence (HLSL} “Walk my Heritage” trails launched in 2014, brought Metis-sur-Mer village residents and their memories together. Now, HLSL’s “Live Our Heritage” project will be bringing together new trails from the site of the old Jolly Rogers westward to Grand Metis, including features of interest on Lighthouse Point and Leggatt’s Point, for our residents and visitors alike to enjoy. We’ll also be adding a Station Road and a Concessions Trail, and expanding our original walking tour to capture history missed when the first trails were done.

The new trail will travel through history from yesterday to one hundred years ago and capture the voices and memories of our community as well as take us on breathtaking views; from the beach, to interesting historical and newly built homes, all the while listening to audio recordings of stories or tales that have been told or handed down from generation to generation. We hope that this project will celebrate the cultures and heritage of our community. However, for this project to be a success your help is needed. It is surprising

what you know even if you think you don’t. An anecdote may seem prosaic to you, but will be of great interest to the community. Many great people live in our community and we all have interesting personal histories to tell in our own words, our photographs do tell stories, and; even letters or notes have wonderful memories. To provide ideas, photos or old documents you can contact Pam at HLSL 418-936-3239 or by email