CELEBRATING LIFE through people & nature

Discover the art of Kasàlà poetry, the art of celebration and wonderment through words and rhythm. Join us online for an afternoon of Kasàlà poetry with Jean Kabuta!

This African oratory and verbal art celebrates the other person and helps us to recognize our own qualities. In this practice of gratitude, the kasàlà invites everyone to practice “ubuntu”, calling us to treat each other with more humanity. It is a practice that celebrates gratitude and nurtures harmony.


Do you know what a Kasàlà is?

A kasàlà is a text of any length, usually in poetic form, recited to celebrate life in someone, in yourself, in an element of nature, etc., and to express gratitude, admiration or wonderment. The present-day kasàlà is a heritage of African oral literature, open to writing and to other resources from world cultures.


Date: 15 April 2020

Time: 1.30pm – 4.30pm


Limited spaces


Please fill this online form to register and email culture@heritagelsl.ca for any questions.

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