Free Tech Webinars and one-on-one help from Cyber-Seniors

Cyber-Seniors have put together these great tech-training webinars. Whether you are a senior looking to learn how to access E-books in this time of social distancing or you are a young person looking to give back by becoming a Volunteer Tech Mentor,  we thought it would be a good idea to share their tech-training webinars just in case anyone in our community would be interested. See below or check out their website for more information

  Free Tech Webinars 

and One-On-One Help

Cyber-Seniors has converted all of its programming to online and remote formats in order to continue delivering essential tech training to seniors.

This week we are back offering tech-training webinars at 12:30PM EDT daily, along with one-on-one training delivered over the phone or, where possible, over video chat.


Seniors can register by calling 1-844-217-3057 or by visiting our website at

Young People can take the Mentor Training Program and sign-up to volunteer as tech mentors by visiting our website.


Webinar Schedule

Monday, April 6: Grocery Shopping Online: Register

Tuesday, April 7: Video Calling: Register

Wednesday, April 8: Online Games (With Friends): Register

Thursday, April 9: Prescription Refills Online: Register

Friday, April 10: Reading Online: How To Access Ebooks: Register

Seniors who prefer a one-on-one session can sign up here or call 1-844-217-3057.

To all retirement and nursing home staff and caregivers:

We know that this is a challenging time, so attached here is a flyer with all the information seniors need to take advantage of this service. Consider emailing it or printing it and slipping it under your residents’ doors so they are aware of how to access this service.


Together we will make a difference in bridging the digital divide and helping seniors be more connected.

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