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Dominic Allard is a multi-talented new recruit to our HLSL team who hails from Cocagne, New Brunswick. He’s lived all over the country, and worn many different hats, from chef to tree planter to lumberjack to restaurant manager and fruit picker in BC and NB. 

He’s passionate about a sport called net footbag, which could be categorized as a cross between volleyball and martial arts played by kicking a hard hackysack-like ball. This summer he’ll be competing at the World Footbag Championships in Montreal.

When he’s not training for the sport, he works as HLSL’s Social and Community Development Agent for Rimouski. Dominic is organizing “Dynamic Discussions” language exchange pairings in Rimouski as well as seniors’ walks in and around the city. If you’re interested in finding out more about these initiatives, please reach out to him at

And now for our standard (if slightly irreverent) HLSL Proust Questionnaire to get to know Dominic a little better!

Did you know about poutine before you arrived in Rimouski? What’s the best place to get it in the city?
Yes, they have it elsewhere in Canada, my mother used to make really bad home poutine when I was a kid, think mushy McCain fries and bad gravy… Le Rallye has the best poutine in town.

What is your favourite place in the Lower Saint Lawrence, and why?
Either driving on the 132 when it’s stormy and rainy or walking alongside the Rimouski river in Parc Beausejour.

Your favourite pastime?
Footbag training.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
I believe perfect happiness to be an unrealistic goal, but I imagine being financially set for life being a real enabler of dreams.

What talent would you most like to have?
I would love to be a virtuosic pianist/organist.

What is your greatest achievement?
Surviving the most dangerous job in Canada–remote access lumberjack in the BC wilderness near the Alaska border, dropped off by helicopter in areas where humans seldom go–I survived bears, wolves, risk of injury and death in the roughest terrain in Canada.

What is your motto?
Move forward with love and vigour, do not infringe upon free will, protect the vulnerable.  

Biggest regret?
Not listening to the guys (who are now very rich) who approached me about bitcoins when they were going for 10$ per.