Community Profile- Ted Savage (1)

HLSL has a new member who is slowly becoming a regular at the Rimouski Resource Centre. Like many newcomers, Tory has a super interesting background. We’re not sure how to describe him except to say he’s  a musician, creator, teacher, and tinkerer who recently moved to Rimouski. A native of Lindsay, Ontario, Tory spent many of his adult years in Brazil, where his wife is from. Tory’s wife is currently pursuing her PhD in oceanography at UQAR. Since 2021, Rimouski has been home to Tory where he has recently opened his own Guitar Effects Unit company.  This young entrepreneur describes an effect unit as a small electronic device that generates an audio effect such as echo, reverberation, and distortion. These effects are commonly used in rock music and other styles. Tory describes the sound of his effects as similar to the guitars from Van Halen or Phil Collins’s voice in “In The Air Tonight” for musicians in the studio and live on stage.

For anyone who wants to chat with Tory about his work, he is volunteering every Saturday at the Heritage library in Rimouski or via his business email : PHOTO 

Now for the tough HLSL adapted Proust Q-Line:

Tory, did you know about poutine before you arrived?
Yes, of course! It’s popular in Ontario too

Best place to get it if you do know?
I haven’t tried many different places in town, but I like Cantine de la gare.

What is your favorite place in Rimouski, and why?
I enjoy the boardwalk along the river, my apartment is close to it and most days the sunsets are beautiful.

Your favorite pastime?
Playing guitar or spending time with my wife.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Doing something I find fulfilling, every day.

What excites you about your job?
I teach myself all the skills necessary to make the products, and with the internet, the information was readily available. I just needed to take the time to learn and hone my skills.

What talent would you most like to have?
It would be great if I could learn languages instantly. 

What is your greatest achievement?
I don’t think I can answer that until I’m dead haha, then I can look back and decide.

What is your motto?
Make music, Make sense.

Biggest regret?
Not pursuing this career early in my life, but I’m glad I have now, when I’m older and more mature.