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We are excited to share some wonderful news about a project that Heritage LSL is proud to have initiated: the development of an intergenerational, intercultural and socially mixed Eco-Neighbourhood in Rimouski, a community-oriented housing project of 250 units. 

As a member of the steering committee, Heritage LSL is proud to represent the interests of the English-speaking community.

The Rimouski Eco-Neighbourhood, slated to be built by innovative partner CMētis, aims to create an inclusive space that focuses on minimizing its environmental impact while fostering a strong sense of community, and promoting social harmony and economic well-being. It emphasizes affordable and accessible housing, sharing resources, and initiatives such as energy-efficient buildings, green spaces, waste reduction, water conservation, and eco-friendly transportation options.

We need your input on this exciting new project! You’re invited to the upcoming Citizens Assembly (exact date and place to be announced), where you can hear about the work being done so far, and more details about your active role in our community’s development. Don’t miss this unique opportunity! We look forward to your presence and active participation. Together we can make Rimouski’s Eco-neighborhood a model for resource sharing and community living. 

For more information, please write to Anja Kreysch at

Susan, Philippe and Anja taken at the Eco-Neighbourhood press conference on Sept 25th