Family Caregiver Guidelines

A loved one’s mental health problem or illness often impacts family, friends and supporters. Caring for a person living with a mental illness often leads to emotional, physical, financial and social burdens for caregivers.

That’s why the Mental Health Commission of Canada has released National Guidelines for a Comprehensive Service System to Support Family Caregivers of Adults with Mental Health Problems and Illnesses. These guidelines seek to recognize and support family caregivers’ needs and provide evidence-based best practices and advice to policy makers and service providers. They also include recommendations that are intended to improve a caregiver’s capacity to provide the best possible care to adults living with mental illness while maintaining their own wellbeing.

Source: Mental Health Commission of Canada

To find out more and to download the guidelines as well as other related information please visit the Mental Health Commission of Canada webpage dedicated to Family Caregiver Support.

This initiative is supported by AMI-Québec a non-profit organisation offering support to English-speaking communities throughout the province and helping families manage the effects of mental illness through support, education, guidance, and advocacy.

Please see the AMI-Québec pages about the Family Caregivers Guidelines as well as the different types of support available for people outside of Montreal.

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