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Wednesday, September 21st, 2022

10:00 am – 11:30 am (EST)

It’s Okay to Forget: An Update on the Fascinating Subject of Memory

With Samantha Maltezos, Ph.D. Candidate in Neuropsychology
And Soraya Ziou, Registered Dietician and Healthy Lifestyle Advisor at Luicilab


September 21st is World Alzheimer’s Day!

The first part, animated by Samantha Maltezos, a Ph.D. candidate in clinical neuropsychology, will

shed light on the different types of memory. Samantha will explain why certain memories are more

persistent than others, will help differentiate normal forgetfulness from cognitive disorders, and share

pro tips on how to better encode information in the brain.

After a small break, Soraya Ziou, a registered dietician, and healthy lifestyle advisor at Lucilab, will talk

about preventive strategies to preserve cognitive health as we age. More specifically, she will share

recommendations in three aeras known for their protective effect on the brain: healthy eating,

physical activity, and intellectual stimulation, and provide useful advice to set realistic and motivating




  1. Recognize the different types of memory
  2. Understand the difference between normal forgetfulness and cognitive disorders
  3. Learn tips on how to improve memory and preserve cognitive health as we age
  4. Receive advice for setting realistic and motivating goals related to healthy eating, physical activity and cognitive stimulation


About Your Presenters

Samantha Maltezos is currently studying at Université de Montréal and is a Ph.D. candidate in clinical

neuropsychology. Her research is focused on dementia prevention, particularly through cognitive

training in older adults. She is currently researching the effects of cognitive training on brain activity

for her Ph.D. thesis, under the supervision of Dr Sylvie Belleville. Samantha is passionate about

cognitive aging and dementia prevention, and hopes to share some knowledge with you today!

Soraya has a BSc. in nutrition sciences from the University of Ottawa. In her career as a nutritionist,

she has travelled around the world to work in various settings. She has worked with diverse

populations to provide education and promote the importance of a balanced diet in daily life. She

now works as a healthy lifestyle advisor at Lucilab, where she provides Luci app participants with

personalized advice on healthy eating, physical activity, and cognitive stimulation.

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