Just a little detour along the road of the “Live Our Heritage” project

Since our last update, a lot has changed, and not just the weather! With quarantining at worst and social distancing at best, we’re having to do our own little Covid-19 dance shuffle and re-adjust. Luckily in doing this, we are coming up with some new – and we think creative and fun – ways to connect virtually and stay true to our Live Our Heritage direction. Here’s what we’ve come up with so far.

Expanding our Trails “Travel through history”: Work is continuing virtually and with the ever- popular Zoom app, we are able to manage safe chats with anyone who would like to share mem­ories about the past, how their family came to Metis, the history of their house, and any local memories. Just contact Pam Andersson at (418) 936-3239, pandersson@heritagelsl.ca, and we’ll take it from there.

Mosaic Seats “Piecing our past and present together”: The concrete seats are being constructed 11r as you read this. The workshops to create mosaic images have been postponed for now, but fear not, work continues. Lisan Chng, Cultural Projects Co-ordinator, is working with Lynn Fournier, art teacher of Metis Beach School, to devise a way for kids to draw and work on the designs of the mosaic seats using a local natural theme of their choice, and to write a bit about what they create. We will share images of the work-in-progress on our Facebook page. After one step back, we’ll be two steps ahead when we’re back together and work on the seats starts! Stay tuned.

Photos – “Now and then”: While getting together close up and personal to learn more about
traditional cameras and camera-equipped devices is not advisable, Micheline Williams says all shutterbugs can still be creating amazing pictures as Spring reveals renewed plant, animal and bird life around us. As we consider photo options, work is shifting to the added volunteer segment, that had been conceived of last Fall to pay tribute to all the amazing volunteers in the community – past and present: the volunteers seen helping everyone and everywhere. Those who take risks or go the extra mile have only taken on greater importance as we thank health and emergency care workers and others who are helping neighbours, friends and people they don’t even know at this challenging time. This peri­od of isolation will allow us to gather the stories and information necessary to put this volunteer tribute together. A flyer containing all the information on how you can participate will be out in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, think about everyone you know, past or present, who has made or continues to make a difference in our wonderful community.

Quilts – “Quilting our heritage together”: While the ‘together’ part can no longer be physical,  a lot of work can go on at home so Diane Dubois’s and Linda Turriff’s group projects are moving forward. Diane is having five frames built and Linda has started designing the quilt. With the success of Heritage’s virtual Tea Times and Games Nights, more ‘hands-on’ crafting meet-ups may be in the cards (and some people are already combining crafting with participating in these virtual reunions!). Because many are looking for some small projects to work on, we’ll be asking for as many people as pos­sible to create a square — knitted, crocheted, embroidered, rugged, woven, ironed-on decal, painted on cotton (any flexible material) – that later can be assembled into a collective mosaic quilt to be raffled off to raise money for community purposes. Details on the size of the squares and other design elements are being worked out. Keep an eye open for a message from Lisan Chng.