Shore Clean-up Event in Metis-sur-Mer Spring 2020

Save the date: June 6, 2020
I can’t make any promises, but that big old tire has been taunting me for two weeks now … And I’m sure it has friends scattered on other Me­tis beaches!

With the recent re-opening of the Ecocentre, we can consider keeping this event on the agenda. If the regulations allow us to do so, and with changes to the way we work if necessary to respect physical distancing measures, the CLD Metis-sur-Mer will organize (in collaboration with

Eco-Mitis if possible) its biannual clean-up event on June 6, 2020.
Since the next edition of lnfo-Metis will be coming out very close to the date of the event, register now (by writing to Stephanie at or via the CLD Metis-sur-Mer Facebook page) to be kept informed of developments and changes to the event formula, if any.