Marijuana use can cause panic attacks or hallucinations – a message from Health Canada

True or false… Marijuana use can cause panic attacks or hallucinations?

The answer is… true! Also called mari, weed, pot, cannabis or haschisch, marijuana, like other illegal drugs, affects our brain, our judgment and our personality.

Short and long-term risks of using cannabis can include:

  • mild paranoia or anxiety
  • impaired reaction time, coordination, and motor skills
  • breathing problems
  • psychosis and schizophrenia  (especially among individuals who may have a genetic predisposition or a family history)

For more information on marijuana and other drugs’ impact on health and to learn tips on how to say no, consult the Drugs not 4 me web page

Get help if you or someone you know is using illegal drugs. Here is a list of relevant resources.

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