our creative community

Our  Creative Community

Mark your calendars ‘cuz happy days are here again! 

Well, just about.  It feels almost like the old days! And we mean the really old days, a hundred years ago as life was emerging from the Spanish flu.  When there were exhibits and speaking engagements to entertain residents and visitors alike.  

Heritage Lower Saint Lawrence is pleased to announce this weekend-long exhibition called “Our Creative Community”Free entry and everybody welcome!

When: Saturday and Sunday, August 14 and 15, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Where: The Town Hall/L’Association Socio-Culturelle, 370 Rue Beach, Métis-sur-Mer.

Who: All citizens can share their artistic talents, family history and photos at the exhibition

What: All four components of the Live Our Heritage project will be on display:

  • Trails to our past:  Come and please add your recollections to our large-format area map; sign up to be interviewed and share some of your family history.  Do you have an old family treasure to display?ç
  • Stitching our generations together:  While the planned assembly of two quilts wasn’t possible, creativity was by no means shut down as many spent COVID isolation time on crafts of many types.  You’ll find examples of rugging, knitting, and other art forms.  If you’d like to display some of your handiwork, please contact Pam Andersson pandersson@Heritagelsl.ca, 418-936-3016 to discuss details  Note:  While space is limited, arrangements can be made by exhibitors to sell their creations following the exhibit.
  • A picture says a thousand words…  Enjoy all photos submitted for the photo competition, as well as the winners.  Get ideas for how ‘Then’ pictures could be recreated ‘Now’.
  • Piecing our history together:  Metis Beach School (MBS) students have created, with the help and guidance of HLSL’s Lisan Chng and MBS’s Lynn Fournier, mosaic stools showing the area’s flora and fauna (flowers, fish, birds, and animals).  The exhibits will display the images, as well as designs for two mosaic benches to be placed at the United and Leggatt’s cemeteries.