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Live our Heritage:
Photo Contest: Winter Portion

Thanks to all who entered the Winter Session of the Live Our Heritage Photo Competition for either or both of the ‘My Covid Life’ and the ‘Winter Photo’ components.  All images received were great.  In fact, the quality of photos made it very difficult for our judges to choose the winners. To avoid unintentional bias, the judging was done in a way that all of the photos were given a code, for example, MCL_03#3 meant a judge would only know the MCL = My Covid Life category, _03 is the participant number, and #3 is the photo number. The judges were sent a link to all photos and requested to choose their winners and the results were collated.  Congratulations to the winners and enjoy all of the photos and accompanying text!  Next up will be the kids’ efforts, which will be posted in the next few weeks.

Some of the entries received did not include a category or easily fit one of the two themes, and so have automatically been added to the appropriate remaining photo competition categories.  The other parts of the competition end July 1st , so there’s still more than enough time to enter!  We look forward to seeing more photos from you this month.

My Covid Life

1st Place Photo – Patrick Bogert (MCL_01#2)

Snowy night in the park 

We spent our winter in Toronto. We usually head south for the winter, but this year we are stuck in Toronto. Looking to get back to Metis early May.

Winter Activities

1st Place – Alain Fradette (WA_03#1)

Rock’n Sea 

Near my home, at the corner of 132 and Leggatt Road (AKA Page’s Point)

2nd Place – Helen Thornton (MCL_04#5)

Brotherly art therapy. 

Diamond-Dot painting was a newfound pastime.

2nd Place – Helen Thornton (WA_04#2)

Polar Bear City! 

Looks like an Arctic Circle decor! A frozen beach and St. Lawrence River backdrop is paradise for kiddywinks and sledges! Sledging is an all-time favourite activity.

3rd Place – Nathalie Girard (MCL-06#2)

Red Nosed Christmas Party

Why should distance break up the Christmas party? Let’s laugh as a family, even from 700 miles away, with these goofy filters. “We called it red nose…”

3rd Place – Nathalie Girard (WA_06#1)

Walking alone

Covid-19 entered my body. Sickness and isolation, but I NEVER felt alone. My generous village supported and fed me morning, noon and night every day.

All entries were excellent and thanks
to everyone who participated!

H. Araujos (MCL-07#1)
Marie-Chantal Bernier (MCL_02#1)
Marie-Chantal Bernier (MCL_02#2)
Marie-Chantal Bernier (MCL_02#3)
Marie-ChantaL Bernier (MCL_02#4)
Marie-Chantal Bernier (MCL_02#5)
Patrick Bogert (MCL_01#1)
Patrick Bogert (MCL_01#3)
Patrick Bogert (MCL_01#4)
Patrick Bogert (MCL_01#5)
Natalie Girard (MCL_06#1)
Natalie Girard (MCL_06#3)
Natalie Girard (MCL_06#4)
Natalie Girard (MCL_06#5)
Aurélie Tremblay (MCL_08#1)
Aurélie Tremblay (MCL_08#1)
Helen Thornton (MCL_04#1)
Helen Thornton (MCL_04#2)
Helen Thornton (MCL_04#3)
Helen Thornton (MCL_04#4)
H. Araujos (WA_07#1)
Lynne Bruce (WA_09#1)
Lynne Bruce (WA_09#2)
Lynne Bruce (WA_09#3)
Alain Fradette (WA_03#2)
MArie-Claude Giroux (WA_05#1)
Helen Thornton (WA_04#1)
Helen Thornton (WA_04#3)
Helen Thornton (WA_04#4)
Helen Thornton (WA_04#5)

ALSO FANS: Those who like the contest but not eligible to enter for prizes

Bread taking over the world
Watching a movie together
Painting class online
Home office assistant
Mother Nature’s stay at  home order
Cardboard dinner dates
Making new friends at a social distance