needs assessment presentation (2)

Presentation of Needs Assessment findings in Rimouski

HLSL Head of Research and Outreach Dr. Alex Rao gave a presentation of the findings of the Needs Assessment research to a crowd of approximately 30 people in Rimouski last Friday. 

Rao’s presentation included a review of the motivation and methods, and a preview of the recent census results. She explains that “the success of the event, however, was in large part because of the discussion that ensued. The community seemed genuinely interested in the results, so there was a lot of feedback, during and after the presentation.”

She goes on to say that “there were a few questions about the results themselves, but the audience also made several suggestions that could explain trends in the data, essentially giving ideas that I can really use during analysis. This is really what is meant by Participatory Action Research, where we involve the community in the research itself.”

IMG_7983 - Margaret Winn