Lorn & Winnie Turriff and the Baker’s Dozen

“When we first moved to Murdochville, there were two sets of bunk-beds and a cot in one room.”

Winnie Campbell was just 17 when she eloped with 21-year-old Lorn Turriff in 1938.

Little did she know that she would go on to bring 13 children into the world.

They’d driven from Metis Beach to the village of Matapedia and found a minister willing to marry them without asking too many questions.

Three months passed before Lorn finally told Winnie’s parents what they’d done.

That was nearly 75 years ago.

Family gatherings are now rare and extraordinary affairs.  As many as 35 Turriffs from all over Canada have been known to squeeze into the house at one time for a taste of Winnie’s cooking.

It’s getting so that it’s hard to keep track of them.  At last count, Winnie and Lorn could claim 36 great grandchildren.

It wasn’t always easy keeping food on the table: during a stint at the copper mine in Murdochville, Lorn held down three jobs simultaneously.

The Turriffs sit down with StoryNet’s Susan Woodfine to share their thoughts from a long, loving and healthy life.

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Interview by Susan Woodfine, recorded Métis-sur-Mer, Qc., produced by Dwane Wilkin; courtesy https://qahn.org/storynet

Extra!  Recording includes an introduction to Lorn’s historic tool collection, the Metis Beach 1975 Thanksgiving when the community cared for shipwrecked Yugoslav sailors of the of the Idrija, and Lorn’s hockey days on The Dream Team.