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Cyber-Seniors are reaching out to Seniors to help them get more comfortable with today’s technology, and making fun activities available for them to participate in.  Please take a look at this week’s free webinars. For more information on their other services visit them at


Webinar Schedule

ET: Eastern Time;

Central time: -1 hour

Mountain time: -2 hours

Pacific time: -3 hours


Monday, Apr 19, 9am ET: Exercise class: Chair-robics (ongoing) Register

Monday, Apr 19, 11am ET: City Tour: Manila, Philippines Register

Monday, Apr 19, 12pm ET: Cybersecurity Webinar: Cryptocurrency (see below) Register

Monday, Apr 19, 4pm ET: Microsoft Excel Register

Tuesday, Apr 20, 11am ET: City Tour: Istanbul, Turkey Register

Tuesday, Apr 20, 1pm ET: Community Chat Register

Tuesday, Apr 20, 4pm ET: MailChimp  Register

Wednesday, Apr 21, 4pm ET: TED Talks Online Register

Thursday, Apr 22, 12:30pm ET: Learn to Crochet (1) Register

Thursday, Apr 22, 4pm ET: Online Gardening Register

Friday, Apr 23, 11am ET: Guided Meditation (ongoing) Register

Friday, Apr 23, 2pm ET: Beginner Hoop Art Embroidery Register

Friday, Apr 23, 4pm ET: DoorDash Food Delivery Register


Webinars coming up:

  • Recycling Electronics
  • Fitness Trackers
  • Safety aids for loved ones with dementia
  • Online Assisted Living Locators
  • Stay Safe Online with VPNs and Antivirus
  • Learn to Crochet, lessons 2 and 3
  • Book club (May 7): Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid


Missed a webinar? As with all of our webinars, once the recording is ready, the registrants are emailed a link to the recording that is posted to our YouTube channel. Or you could access all of our recordings on our YouTube channel at